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RALLY 2 Seater Electric Car for Children - 24v (PREMIUM)

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Product Description

RALLY 2-Seater Children's Electric Car - 24v: (PREMIUM - EVA rubber wheels and padded leather seat) Double the Adventure for Little Adventurers!

The RALLY 2-Seater 24v children's electric car is more than just a simple electric car for children; is an exciting experience that offers space for two little explorers. Designed to mimic the thrill of desert rally cars, this oversized vehicle is packed with exciting features to ensure hours of fun. Let's explore its main features:

Main features:

  1. Model: RALLY 24v: Design inspired by desert rally cars.

  2. Battery: 24 Volts 5Ah: Energy performance for a long journey.

  3. Motors: 2 Motors of 200 Watts and 24v Each: Power for exciting off-road adventures.

  4. Remote Control Included: Option for manual control by the child or parent remotely.

  5. 2-Point Seat Belt: Essential safety while driving.

  6. USB, Card and Jack Cable Input: Play your favorite music during the ride.

  7. Battery Status Indicator (Voltmeter): Visual monitoring of battery charge.

  8. Lever to Change the Direction of Travel: Forward and backward movement for greater versatility.

  9. 2 Speeds: Adaptation to the child's ability and comfort.

  10. Suspension with Shock Absorbers on 4 Wheels: Effective absorption of irregularities in the terrain.

  11. Multifunctional Steering Wheel with Music and Horn: Fun interaction for little drivers.

  12. Pre-installed Music: Additional entertainment during the tour.

  13. Beautiful LED Headlights: Realistic details for an immersive experience.

  14. EVA Rubber Wheels: Resistance and grip on various types of terrain.

  15. Synthetic Leather Seat: Comfort and style for occupants.

  16. Decorative Plastic Wheel: Aesthetic touch for an attractive look.

  17. 2 Seats: Spacious for two children.

  18. Drag Handle: Facilitates transportation when necessary.

  19. Door Opening: Realistic touch for driving experience.

  20. Charger with Charge Status Indicator: Easy recharging process.

  21. Assembled Car Measurements: 138x 74x 70cm Generous dimensions to accommodate small occupants.

  22. Seat Width: 50cm: Comfortable space for passengers.

  23. Car Weight: 23kg: Robustness without compromising maneuverability.

  24. Recommended Age: Up to 8 Years Approx.: Adult supervision always recommended.

  25. Maximum Allowable Load Weight: 50kg: Durable structure to withstand intense adventures.

  26. CE Certificates in Compliance with European Regulations: Guarantee of compliance with safety standards.

RALLY 2 Seater Electric Car for Children - 24v (PREMIUM)
RALLY 2 Seater Electric Car for Children - 24v (PREMIUM)
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